I read a post on twitter (@leegrady) accusing real men of God to be false prophets. How do we know false prophets?

There is confusion in the world right now more-so in the church as to who is the false teacher/prophet and who is the genuine one. This bickering has given room to the devil to make maneuvers while the church is sleeping. Those ones who are fake are the ones who have time to call others fake whilst harboring their identity and their deeds – removing the attention from them and shifting it to the true ministers of God. But Jesus told us that by their fruits you shall know them – Matthew 7:15-16. And we are not supposed to judge (Matthew 7:1). So anyone who is busy judging others is definitely working against this scripture and does not understand the Word of God. Remember the parable about the Wheat and the Tares, Jesus said to his disciples… “an enemy has done this” – Matthew 13:28 – and that we can only be able to separate the wheat from the tares based on the fruits (results). Harvest time is coming and this is when we will know who is of a truth or of a lie.

Every plant that my father has not planted shall be uprooted – Matthew 15:13.